Worcestershire based for 125 years, and still going strong

This year is the 125th anniversary of the inception of G Herbert Banks. A firm proud to have maintained their roots in Worcestershire for the entire period.

G Herbert Banks was the great grandfather of Richard Banks, who is one of the current partners. Between these two were Tony Banks, who took over the business in 1946 following his father’s death, and Tony’s sons David and Andrew. David, Richard’s father, was still working for the firm until his passing in February 2022.

There haven’t in fact been 125 continuous years of the trading name of G Herbert Banks, with significant changes occurring in the 1970s, 80s & 90s.

1972 saw G Herbert Banks merge with Luce & Silvers to create Banks & Silvers. This business grew to have twelve officesacross the region, as well as the livestock market at Kidderminster.

It was a hugely successful multidisciplined business with residential sales, property management, commercial property, extensive agricultural services, a livestock and produce market and fine art auctions.
The company’s longest standing partner, Robert Parry, joined Banks and Silvers in 1975.

Robert comments:

I remember quite clearly my first day of work at the Kidderminster office, my position assistant to Mr Tony Banks, Bob Bayliss and Roger Sadler, which kept me busy and with whom I learnt a lot. I was employed on the basis of a three month trial period which lasted for forty eight years to date.

My second day was market day at Kidderminster drawing (selecting) lambs on a hot September day. Thankfully that was only for one day. The next week I progressed to booking in the cattle and becoming Tony Banks’ clerk.

Market was good fun and I soon got to know a lot of people who I now regard as long standing clients and friends. I was lucky I managed to establish myself as an auctioneer progressing through the ranks.  

Those days were good fun with not too much technology about. How things have changed.

Banks & Silvers grew through the 1970s and 80s, until in 1987 the business was sold to insurance firm General Accident. Shortly after the sale many of the partners left to set up new businesses, some of which continue to trade.

Brothers David and Andrew left and started on their own and soon brought their individually established business together, returning to the trading name of G Herbert Banks. Very sadly Andrew passed at a young age in 1995.

After the exodus from the General Accident business Robert Parry moved to one of the newly established firms of Halls; a combination of the agricultural departments of Hall, Wateridge & Owen and Banks & Silvers. In doing so he moved out of the offices at Kidderminster, but continued with the market, and later returned to G Herbert Banks in 1995.

Today G Herbert Banks is still very much a business that appreciates and respects it’s connections to the agricultural sector, having relationships with some families going back generations. Sadly, the livestock market is no longer, but we remain auctioneers conducting property and farm dispersal sales.

The company has a residential sale department that they are extremely proud of, managed by the highly experienced and respected Tim Gaston. Tim has worked in residential sales within the county since his working life started in the 1980s.

More recently there has been the addition of Nick Jethwa, another whose entire working career has been property related and Worcestershire based. He has been building what is now a significant commercial property department.

Then in April 2023 James McIntyre joined to bolster the agricultural side of the business. He is a keen auctioneer and will be looking to undertake as many auctions as he can get involved with.

Commenting on the future of the business Richard Banks said ‘We very much plan on remaining a strong independent multidisciplined business and in doing so continuing to provide a trusted service. The relationships we have with our long standing clients, and the ones we build with new ones, are the most important thing to a service business like ours, and one we take great pride in’.

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