We are proud to retain the traditional auctioneer’s skills, undertaking both one-off sales of agricultural properties and general property auctions. We also undertake farm sales, selling farm machinery and equipment on site throughout the region.

If you decide to sell your property by auction we will, as with a private treaty sale, agree a guide price and particulars before determining the length of marketing period leading to the auction date.

Auction Process

  • Discuss the options of online or in person auctions and advise on the most suitable method.
  • We will agree a suitable marketing strategy and liaise with your solicitors in order to ensure the sale contract, and accompanying paperwork, are prepared prior to the commencement of marketing.
  • We will agree a reserve price (the lowest price you are prepared to sell for) prior to marketing, if selling by online auction, or shortly before the in person auction day.
  • We will fully manage the auction process, whether online or in person. If in person, we will book a suitable venue and arrange attendance by your chosen solicitor.
  • If we do not feel your property would be well placed in an auction we will, of course, advise you as to other methods of sale which could bring you a better outcome.
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