The benefits of using G Herbert Banks as your managing agent

We believe that it is increasingly important and financially beneficial, for Landlords to use a managing agent. Here we list ten good reasons why:

1) The rules and regulations associated with letting property are forever changing – let us be on top of the those for you.
2) We will organise all safety checks for you, ensuring you remain compliant.
3) Let us carry out regular inspections of the let properties for you. Most tenants will find it easier to be open and honest about issues or concerns, with an agent rather than their landlord. We will then report back to you with a photographic report and strategic plan for any action.
4) We have an excellent list of contractors, who we will arrange to undertake maintenance and repairs for you. When you are not regularly using contractors, it can often be hard to find reliable ones to act in good time we are dealing with most of ours daily.
5) Let us be on call 24/7 for your let property related emergencies.
6) We will collect the rent for you, chasing arrears if they appear. It is easier for an agent to chase arrears for you.
7) Rents have been increasing significantly over the past few years and many landlords may have rents that are below the market level. It is so much easier for an agent to be there to undertake a rent review for you.
8) We can offer a tenant ‘Health Check’ for you, which basically means undertaking a fresh set of credit checks and employment references, in order to renew tenancies and if required, organise Landlord Rent
Guarantee Insurance.
9) We can run a compliance check of your tenancy agreement to ensure it is valid – to include checking safety certificates, that the prescribed deposit information has been correctly served, there is a valid deposit certificate and the correct How To Rent guide was issued.
10) Let us take on the work, and save you time, allowing you to concentrate on your work or leisure time.

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