Richard celebrates 21 years at G Herbert Banks

In a remarkable milestone, within the 125th year of G Herbert Banks, the team celebrates 21 years since the addition of Richard Banks.

Joining the firm shortly after achieving Chartered Surveyor status, Richard reflects on his journey with gratitude, saying: “I was blessed to have been given the opportunity to join a respected firm in 2002, and then this has been followed by 21 enjoyable years.”

At the heart of Richard’s satisfaction lies the diverse spectrum of work undertaken at G Herbert Banks ensuring that no day is the same. Reflecting on the extensive relationships formed during this time, Richard expresses joy in connecting with clients, colleagues and other professionals. These relationships have not only enriched his professional life but have also contributed to the overall positive work environment at the firm.

Acknowledging the reality of work-life challenges, Richard continues: “Of course, work life is not always plain sailing, with regular challenges, but these times, and dare I say the odd mistake, are all part of the learning…”

As G Herbert Banks marks this significant anniversary, Richard Banks stands as a testament to the firm’s commitment to their work. Looking forward, the celebration serves as a moment of reflection on past achievements and a springboard for the exciting ventures that lie ahead for both Richard and the well-regarded team at G Herbert Banks.

As seen in print in the Worcester News:

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