Planning Update - Bromsgrove District Plan Review

Bromsgrove District Council is in the process of reviewing the District Plan.  The District Plan is a long-term vision and strategy which will be used to manage future development needs across the District.

As part of this review there is an issues and Options consultation open from 24th September to 19th November 2018.  The Council are seeking views on the following issues:

•             Strategic Issues for Bromsgrove District

•             Housing

•             Employment

•             Transport

•             Town Centre and Local Centres

•             Social Infrastructure

•             Natural & Historic Environment

•             Climate Change and Water Resources

Bromsgrove District is around 90% Green Belt, and predominantly rural, it so is important to note that the consultation also includes draft methodologies on the Green Belt purposes assessment and the site selection process. 

Green Belt is one of the longest standing spatial planning tools designed to prevent urban sprawl.  For this reason development is strictly controlled except in very special circumstances or defined exceptions within planning policy such as outdoor recreation, forestry and agriculture.

The plan review is required following the adoption of the District Plan in 2017 due the fact the plan did not allocate enough housing land in locations not covered by Green Belt designation.  The plan review needs to ensure that the full housing requirement for Bromsgrove District up to 2030 can be delivered and that safeguarded land for the longer term can be identified.  Once adopted the reviewed plan will replace the current plan.

What does this mean and how do I respond?

Bromsgrove DC will be running a series of consultation events which are detailed on their website and interested parties will be able to respond to the consultation by viewing all the consultation material and by completing the online response form at the following address: http://www.bromsgrove.gov.uk/districtplan

If you have any queries or would like copies of any of the consultation material then please contact the Council via e-mail at; strategicplanning@bromsgroveandredditch.gov.uk or via telephone; 01527 88 2868/1663

All comments must be returned by 5pm on Monday 19th November 2018

G Herbert Banks

If anyone has any queries as to what is happening, and why, or need assistance structuring a consultation response with a specific project or concern in mind please do get in contact with one of our partners, Eleni Randle, using 01299 896968 or eleni@gherbertbanks.co.uk.

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