Compensation for landowners affected by Rivers Severn and Teme Project

G Herbert Banks have been helping land owners with compensation claims for the current work taking place on the Rivers Severn and Teme. The £20,000,000 upgrade to the rivers is a project that has been in the waiting for over 150 years and is now well underway with work having already commenced at Knightsford Bridge, Knightwick, Worcestershire.


Multi-million pound project

The multi-million pound project is restoring a huge 185 miles of the Rivers Severn and Teme in order to reopen the rivers to endangered fish species. It is one of the largest schemes to have ever taken place in Europe and will increase biodiversity across a major stretch of the River Severn which is the United Kingdom’s longest river. Fish passes are being created to help fish overcome areas that have been preventing migration to their spawning grounds – an act that has seen a massive decline over the past century.


Endangered fish

The Allis Shad and the Twaite Shad have been endangered since the 19th century with around only 10,000 of them in the River Severn. In previous times however, the fish were populated the waters in their hundreds of thousands and were served to kings and queens such as Henry III, Elizabeth I and Charles II. The work taking place is hoped to increase the number of these fish in the rivers as well as numbers of eels and lampreys. The public will be able to view the increased fish numbers due to England’s first fish viewing gallery being built as another part of this huge project. The gallery is being built at Diglis, Worcester and will enable visitors to see the creatures swimming through glass panels.


Another part of the project will be the restoration of historic buildings along the Severn – this will hopefully create a potential boost in tourism of an estimated £4 million and reconnect an estimated 8 million people with the river.


Compensation claims for land owners

Here at G Herbert Banks, we have had the pleasure in providing land owners with the support and assistance needed to submit claims for compensation following the huge project that has started taking place. We will be acting for our clients who have received Compulsory Purchase Orders for access to their land and use of land for compounds. Compensation is likely to be paid for land use, inconvenience, loss of business – e.g crop losses – or other matters which have impacted the land owner’s financial state.


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