I was handed a leaflet produced by YANA who provide Rural Mental Health Support a few days ago and I have to say it is not something that I had not heard of before. Having taken the time to read the leaflet and visit their website they appear to be an amazingly wonderful and important organisation providing advice to those that might need it within the farming community.

I urge anyone who knows they are suffering, or even thinks they might be but don’t quite understand the feelings or thoughts they are having, to take a look at their website www.yanahelp.org

They also have a telephone helpline – 0300 323 0400.

If you feel fine but are worried about someone else then they are on hand to guide you too.

Those of us that live and work in the countryside are so lucky, but farming can be extremely stressful and lonely for some and it is important that people understand that there is help at hand.