Whichever of the two main parties win the election next month – assuming it is going to be one of the ‘big two’ – both parties plan on bringing in new regulations that could on the face of it make life harder for the private landlord.

Boris has reconfirmed his party’s intentions to scrap the section 21 notice (‘no fault’ evictions), thus making it much harder for landlords to recover possession of their properties, unless there is good reason to want them back.

Labour are promising other significant changes such as open ended tenancies, annual property ‘MOTs’ – with fines applied and restrictions on rent increases (limited to annual rate of inflation). See the BBC’s article on this matter https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2019-50540436

Changes and further restrictions are in general being brought in year after years to I believe control the bad landlords, who are the minority. Even with all the restriction that have been introduced over the years the rental market continues to grow national and private rented houses accounts for 21% of the national housing stock – this is double where it was in 1997.

It is going to be important for any government not to push private landlords too far, as the country cant do without them!

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