Consultation is open until the 12th October 2019 for those with an interest in the rental market – whether that be landlords, tenants or observers – to make their views on the proposed scrapping of the Section 21 notice. See my previous article on this announcement –

This is a very worrying proposal and one that is, in my view, going to have a negative effect on the rental market with yet a further reason to stop more potential landlords investing. Despite what the government might say, and the press might have us believe, the private landlord has in my experience almost always provided an excellent opportunity to their tenants. My experience being that over almost 20 years I have been involved with the letting hundreds of properties.

I urge all those with an interest in this matter to go to the consultation on the government website and submit their views. It take a while to go through the survey, but this is an important matter to get right.