Halloween is a fun time to decorate your home, but it is important not to scare away potential buyers.

Here are our 3 top tips for presenting your house, whilst at the same time joining in with the festivities:

  1. Think natural and neutral โ€“ pumpkins , coloured leaves and decorated branches. These work really well.
  2. Avoid ghoulish decorations, such as skeletons, blood and Scream masks which may detract buyers from the charm of your home. Remember you only get one chance to create that first impression. Whilst seasonality is important, donโ€™t overcrowd or clutter your home. It is essential to market your home in as good a condition as possible. This sounds obvious, but it really can make the difference when achieving a sale. Avoid the clutter of too many decorations, keep it simple and put all the lights on inside your home.
  3. Rather than decorating the whole house, consider focusing on specific areas, such as a porch, fireplace, staircase or perhaps an outbuilding. Decorations in these locations can be kept up for a longer period.

This late Autumn/early Winter period is a strong selling period, where buyers are very serious and focused about finding a new home. With the current lack of good stock in the market, there are many frustrated buyers failing to find their dream home. Let the warmth of this late autumn festival into your home, creating an enticing opportunity for all those who dare to view…