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The world of farming subsidies and stewardship schemes has, in the last few years, rapidly evolved. 

Since the replacement of the Single Farm Payment and Entry Level/Higher Level Stewardship schemes there are still changes at least annually to their replacement schemes and keeping up to date with them can be difficult on top of day to day work. 

BPS Applications

G Herbert Banks completes several hundred BPS applications each year for clients of varying size and farming systems. 

Whether you are new to the claim process and need to register with the RPA, purchase entitlements, and get up and running with your claim, have had an inspection or an existing claimant with changes to your land holding or farming operations and just in need of some general advice we can help.

Environmental Stewardship is now a competitive process, with applications not always being successful, rather than the previous ELS scheme which guaranteed acceptance. 

The scheme is now focused around different objectives in different areas so as a starting point it is important to check these objectives to see whether you could deliver them within your application. 


How to start the process

We can advise you as to how to start the process and the potential implications of entering in to such a scheme to decide whether it is the right thing to do for you and your business as well as assist in preparing an application.