property auctions

If you decide to sell your property by auction we will, as with a private treaty sale, agree a guide price and particulars before determining the length of marketing period leading to the auction date.

We will agree advertising and liaise with your solicitors in order to allow a contract to be available, ready and able to be viewed at our offices leading up to the auction.


Shortly before the auction we will agree a reserve (the lowest price you would be prepared to sell for) and that will be signed off by you and only known by you and your auctioneer.

We will fully manage the auction, booking the venue and notifying solicitors of their requirement to be there on site and make sure everything is signed and ID (to comply with money laundering) is checked.

Auction can be very successful if managed, and advertised, correctly but it will not work for all property types.

If we do not feel your property would be well placed in an auction we can, of course, advise you as to other methods of sale which could bring you a better outcome.

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